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Enhance your knowledge and skills.

The Community Futures Leadership Institute offers professional development opportunities for Community Futures Board members. This helps volunteers understand the liability they take on as a board member as well as helps them grow in their leadership role.

The Board Development series includes 13 modules on a range of topics. These modules are facilitated by a trainer certified by Community Futures Pan West – either via live online webinar or in-person. This allows for group discussion, digging deeper into the overarching topic.

The program is broken into three streams. Each stream is broken into a series of training modules averaging three hours each. At the completion of each module, participants receive a certificate. Individuals who complete all the modules in a stream also receive a certificate specific to that stream.

Leadership 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 or 10, 12
Corporate Leadership 2, 3, 7, 11, 15
Financial & Lending Leadership 4, 6, 13

Each stream covers three to six modules from the list below:


  1. Community Economic Development
  2. Operations - Board and Staff
  3. Legal Responsibilities of Boards
  4. Financial Management of a Non-Profit
  5. Board Development and Performance
  6. Community Futures Lending
  7. Management, Recruitment, Performance, Evaluation and Development
  8. Board Leadership
  9. Cultural Awareness
  10. Social Economy and Social Enterprise
  11. The Role of Planning
  12. The Role of the Chair
  13. Strategic Loan Fund Management
  14. Is Your Community Futures Prepared for Community & Economic Disaster
  15. Volunteer Attraction, Retention and Succession

Once volunteers have completed all three streams, they join our Hall of Fame, which currently includes seven board members. The Hall of Fame recognizes volunteers who have completed all 13 training modules offered through our board development program. These individuals are dedicated volunteers who have shown key leadership traits and are dedicated to ongoing learning.

All board members are encouraged to take part in the board development program. The training can be conducted for individual boards, or in collaboration with other Community Futures’ boards.

If you are interested in learning more about the board development program, please email [email protected]